IMAGINE IT!!! Imagination, simply put,  is the ability to create pictures of your preferred future in your mind. Though it is one of the most untapped sources of power, it should not be seen as a substitute for work.

Some call it “IMAGE IN ACTION”, others call it “MEDITATION”. Call it what you may, but one thing is certain. if you apply this powerful law of life, you will get a result.In this article i want to outline, in the most simple and explicit manner, the steps you will take to get the best out of this powerful life secret.

Years ago, when I had no furniture in my house, I imagined myself always sitting on nicely crafted furniture. Even when my friends came to visit, I asked them to sit down  and they would laugh. In a fast twist, I was called to handle a training session by a friend who could not meet his clients dateline, because he was engaged somewhere else and that was it!!! The money I needed for my furniture appeared.

I am not in any way encouraging laziness or wishful thinking. I am an advocate of hard work. In fact, I wouldn’t have been where I am today without hard-work and God’s special grace.. But if you keep at this, and work your plan, you will get there. There is such a thing as the power of imagination and IT WORKS!!!

STEP 1:Get a goal book where all your goals and desires are listed, so as to track your progress. List your goals in other of importance.

STEP 2: Find time each day, preferably, the early hours of the day, to be quiet and condition your mental environment.During this period, a lot of thoughts will be fighting for your attention. Block out every external thought and noise.You can play cool music if that works for you.

STEP 3: Pick the highest ranking goal in your goal book and talk to yourself in the present.For instance if you desire a promotion to the post of manager, write in in your goal book repeatedly I AM THE MANAGER OF ACME FARMS,start saying it to yourself while lying down, calmly and repeatedly.

STEP 3: Consciously direct your mind to see pictures of yourself living that dream now, impose the scenes you want in your mind’s film.See yourself calling the shots, driving the company car with the “MANAGER” sign below your name on the name tag.

STEP 4: Do not be afraid, don’t snap out of it quickly.Slowly enter into the escalating aura of success and fulfillment.You will feel like you are floating.Yes enjoy it!!!

STEP 5: Allow your body feel the excitement and the joy that comes with the fulfillment of that desire.  Embrace the feeling and save it in your mind’s hard drive.What i mean is consciously force and drive that exciting feeling of fulfillment and achievement into your soul.Your mind will want to negate it because it has been programmed unconsciously by the environment to see the feat as impossible.Yesterday’s impossibilities are now today’s realities.

STEP 6: Store the pictures of fulfillment and achievement you saw.Our mind deals with pictures also.You will need this when you try to achieve the goal you set  for yourself and you encounter challenges.When you encounter challenges to your vision, all you need do is draw out your stored picture of success you saw during your quiet time and watch it as you move on.This picture will then retrieve the feeling of excitement associated with success,fulfillment and achievement you stored earlier on.Super impose the picture and the feeling on the physical environment and see your vision come to pass.It will need consistency on your part.

STEP 7: Act it!!! Act out what you saw in the picture, carry that feeling with you anywhere you go. If there is an opening and the qualifications seem beyond yours, put in for it.Dress for the position you want to attain.Say to yourself consistently, “I AM A MANAGER” even if the circumstances deny your declaration.Retrieve the picture and the feeling of excitement and dwell on it.Before long, you will get there.

This is a time tested principle and it works.If you will constantly keep at it,you will email me with your good report.Thank you for finding time to read this post.