1. HAVE THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE:See obstacles as challenges and opportunities for advancement and growth. It matters the way you see!!! In every obstacle there is an opportunity for your promotion. It was the challenge of darkness that brought electricity. It was the obstacle of communication and distance that brought the opportunity of telephone and so on… See with your heart and not your eyes.

2. KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS:know what you are up against, study the problem. During challenging periods, the consciousness of your strengths is a force that will keep your head above water.

Many times, people let themselves get drowned with thoughts of helplessness. Focusing on your strengths gives you a positive outlook and a clear perspective about the problem and its inherent solution. Every problem gravitates to its solution. In every obstacle is a solution. FIND IT!!!

3. REGULATE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Keep away from negative talkers and push out negative thoughts. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Listen to uplifting messages, music and people. Choose what and who you listen to.

4. CELEBRATE YOUR PAST SUCCESSES:Doing this will ignite boldness in you. It will give you an I CAN DO MENTALITY. Your past success is a CV for future occurrences in life. It belittles the problem.

5. SEEK DIVINE DIRECTION THROUGH PRAYERS: There is the existence of the spiritual, whether you like it or not, it is true. You have to seek divine guidance to help you overcome challenges.